Hey guys&gals from Michigan!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bowhunter301, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Hey guys new around here from Michigan I am excited to learn something from the pros around here!!! I have a built a few pits and am working on a new style right now. I love Hunting, Fishing, and smoking meat! my real passion is smoking meat on the pits I build! Thanks for letting me into the group!
  2. dukeburger

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    Welcome to SMF,

    Good to have you on board!
  3. one eyed jack

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    Welcome aboard Bowhunter.  Post up some pictures of your pit builds if you get a chance.
  4. here is the first one
  5. here is the second and I am working on the 3rd right now I have been posting the videos on youtube I added to the general discussion forum
  6. one eyed jack

    one eyed jack Master of the Pit

    Looking good Bowhunter.  Looks like you've got some good help there in your video.  [​IMG]
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