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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by fowl smoke, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone , my name is Pete. I have been smoking for about a year on a side by side charbroiled . I live n work on my families farm. I owe all the great food I've made over the year to u guys , so I figured I should sign up. Last night I just finished my new indirect reverse flow smoker I made out of a 250gal tank. Thanks again to everyone that posts on here ! You made me the smoker I am today!
  2. Hey Pete, hello and welcome, you forgot one thing ------  where are the pictures ? everybody likes to see smokers

    gary S
  4. Lit it up yesterday , can't believed it worked ! From reading other posts thought the fire box was to small , but i ran it up to 250 and it stuck there for 2 hours with out fedding it! Its ready for ribs!:yahoo:
  5. Hey Pete, good looking smoker, fire box looks small to me, but if it works it works, sounds like your holding temp good. Can't wait to those Ribs Good job.

    Gary S
  6. Thanks Gary , that's an $18 smoker right there . Found all the material around the farm just had to buy 3 cans of paint! Haha

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