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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smoke freak, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. smoke freak

    smoke freak StickBurners

    Sorry, no camera but read this with your eyes closed. You'll get the picture.

    11:00 PM. Of course its dark! Chargriller is runnin steady at 228 degrees. For over 5 hours now its been between 112 and 148. A beautiful night with almost no wind. Unheard of in Kansas in March. Life is good. Two butts on the grill. Seven pounds each. Could be twins, I dont know. One is at 142 internal and the other is at 148.

    Its time. I grip the bottle of apple/jack and lift the lid to expose the two most beautiful butts I have ever seen. As I squirt the majic juice on the pork masterpieces I here the sizzle of the hot castiron reacting to the cool liquid. A quick whiff and Im in Heaven again. Fantastic! Shut the lid quickly and add another stick of hickory to the fire. I love it!! I look for smoke but can barely see any at all, Just the most wonderful aroma that you can imagine. I think another hour or so and these beauties will get tucked into foil and finished in the oven while I sleep with visions of plump pork in my head.

    No pics and it didnt happen my??? Guess again!!!
  2. smoke we have been scammed by the best-no Q view it didn't happen-sorry.story was nice though-but why cast iron in the smoker?
  3. and read this with your eyes closed? are u running for office??hehe
  4. smoke freak

    smoke freak StickBurners

    Cast iorn grates in the chargriller. ITs the best. Nothin sticks. Id send you a picture except....
  5. Yup they good-last a lifetime
  6. Hah! Nice.... :{)
  7. Now you just have to figure out how we can smell it too!
  8. Sure...............
  9. smoke freak

    smoke freak StickBurners

    Honest guys, it looked just the way you imagined.
  10. Smoke Freak I KNOW it happened. And it was GOOD too!
    No pics? Oh well. The camera isn't always there and the battery isn't always up.
    I believe ya. I think I can smell the smoke. [​IMG]

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