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    Ok so I'm 30 yrs old from New Orleans, La but  I've lived in Cal City, Ca for the past 5 years. My smoker atm is a trash can and i must say i can give you the best meat u will ever eat out of a trash can!!!! LOL So i love smoking and no matter what i try to make myself better. Thats the main thing i love about it. It doesn't matter how good you are you can always be better. i plan on modifying my trash can to maximize cooking space as well as figure out a way for me to make my charcoal / wood smoker also have propane assist once i stop smoking and need to do a look cure cycle. I would like to figure out how i can make the propane burner turn on and off if the temp goes outside of my +/- 15 degrees tolerance. the tricky part is i would like to do it on a budget but not have it look cheap, jimmy rigged, or blow something up lol....

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