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  1. Since I have joined SMF. I am doubting myself.  Using my smoker with indirect heat hasn't been a problem until I wanted more and better!

    I modified my cheap smoker by sealing it up and made a charcoal basket.

     I bought a digital thermometer with two probes.  (yes photo from pork loin test run)

    Time for pork butt for the Fourth.  Wish me luck.

    Gonna try it the same way I have done the last 10 butts or so.

    Only diff... gonna Texas crutch on the grill instead of the oven.

    Like I said.... here we go...

    Happy Fourth of July!

  2. domerskee

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    Looks like a great start to me. You can do it. I'm a long time griller/ smoke dabbler who just got my first smoker a month ago. This site is a great resource. I have also noticed though that a fella can get caught up in a lot of tricks and toys and start losing the fun.
    My biggest problem is I have so many things I want to try and so little time. Keep at it. I've never had a hobby where even a "mistake" tastes so good!
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    Amen! Keep us updated! Happy 4th

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  4. Ready for the Texas crutch.
  5. Sweet and Spicey. Pull me please!
  6. Happy 4th America!
  7. domerskee

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    Nicely done:yahoo:

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