Here we go. The flood of tomatos

Discussion in 'Tomatoes' started by oscuba, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. I've made over 6 lbs of frozen sauce base so far (just simmered reduced tomatoes ready for use or further reduction in the future). No spices etc added and not even processed; seeds and skin still in.

    A note on cooking tomatoes for sauce: the seeds contain far more flavors than the tomato meat (by weight), The skins are second. Removing both, well, delivers tomato flavored water. Great sauce can be made with just the skins and seeds for you caners out there when removing the skin is desired.

    Today I'll be picking pounds of yellow pear tomatoes and will make yellow pear tomato and jalapeno jam. Assuming that the new puppy didn't eat all the jalapenos! She loves them.

  2. Nice batch. We've harvested 3 ripe tomatoes and have over a hundred green ones. Had our first frost a night ago. Looks like we'll be making chow chow again...
  3. That is a lot of Tomatoes,I have one plant.LOL

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    Nice, mine did not fare well this yr, I had 5 planted only 4 produced and I did planters this yr, never again, next yr they are going back in the good ol ground 

  5. Yeah, pots are tough. First, they need to be plastic, at least 2" of mulch (hay works well) but then you can;t see the soil. They need water almost every day. For pots I recommend an automatic drip system. I'm building a new garden behind the garage that will be auto drip. It's out of sight so out of mind..I have a very short attention sp....oh look, a bird...
  6. Check out the self watering systems...  they make things so much easier here in FL.

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