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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by 3sixteenths, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. 3sixteenths

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    Hello all. Been researching RF pits and now gonna build one. I have most of the materiel on hand except for the CC. What I have for the firebox is a 24" .500 wall x 32" long pipe. I have 2 options for the CC. 24" .375 or 30 " .375. Leaning towards the 30, but needing the advice from y'all. Also, has anyone built one off of plans from smoker Are they designed correctly? If not I think I'll wing the design with the much needed help I have seen on here. Thanks!!
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    3/16, afternoon and welcome to the forum..... I think, "you couldn't do any better, than having folks here help you with your build"...  and that ain't braggin'.....  just the facts......   Look no further.... stay put and we will help you build the best cookin' smoker in your area.... 

    About the Cook Chamber....   since you have the FB (fire box), a CC that would be a good size is a 30" diameter from 55 - 60 inches long....   That would give you a monstrous cooking area on the food grates...   You could cook for 100 folks on something like that.....    While I'm not partial to a round FB, it will work...   Not partial meaning fit up is tricky and demanding...   Careful measuring and cutting and paying attention to detail and measurements it will work just fine.... 

    I'm sure you have probably looked through the builds here but I'm suggesting looking through the RF builds below to see what's going on here...   Any questions about any of the builds ?? Someone can answer them....   

    Looking forward to watching your build........     [​IMG]  ....   I'm in.......

  3. 3sixteenths

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    Thank you for the welcome. I've got a ton of questions. I'll get them all in order for y'all. Gonna have my butt glued to tractor seat for next month or so. In the meantime would love to pick ya'lls brain for ideas and do nots. When I start this I want to be ready to knock it out, and if my low tech skills can be refined I'll sure post pictures. The fabrication is the easy part for me, I just want to get everything right so it will cook like a champ!!
  4. daveomak

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    3/16 evening......  You better refine your skill because pics (Q-Views) are mandatory....    We don't come here to read....  We come here to see pics.... builds, food, anything....  even pics of your dog eating the freshly smoked pork butt ....     We love pics.....   Some of us are so old and our eyesight failing that pics are what's happening....  Purely speaking for myself, of course....    Enjoy the seat time in the tractor....   I do a bit of that myself....  

  5. 3sixteenths

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    Well I'll figure it out. Seems like a pretty low price to pay for the knowledge on here.
  6. 3sixteenths

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    Well, I'm back now for a day or two. Got a few questions. Has anyone tilted the FB a few degrees down?. Or has anyone not attached the FB directly to the CC by adding a pipe between? I have not got the CC materiel yet. Since I do have the FB I will try and get that started and then calculate the CC to match. Also, with a reverse flow with a round FB I will have a football shaped hole. Is that a problem?
  7. 3sixteenths

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    P. S. if anyone could give a tip on adding pics from iPhone would surely help.
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    Not familiar w iPhone, android user here. Are you using "mobile" site? Link can be found on bottom of main page. Or there are some apps available for forum posting. Popular one is tapatalk. I don't use it.....this post direct from my phone.

    Good luck

  9. daveomak

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    At the bottom of the page are 2 boxes....  Mobile and Desktop....   click the App that suits your needs...   Dave
  10. Sounds like another fun build, be sure and post pictures.

  11. 3/16...Welcome. I am also currently preparing my first RF build and have been tossing questions around like crazy. Was hoping to start this past weekend, but wife is in hospital so had to delay my build for a spell. Will be watching yours as I work on my own as well. Good luck, and maybe we'll grow in building experience together.
  12. Hope your wife is o-k, be looking forward to pictures of your build when you do get started.

  13. Thanks, Gary. She managed to find the ONE mosquito that carried West Nile....VERY sick!! Doctor is taking care of it though.
  14. We will surly keep her in our prayers.  I am one of those guys that can be standing outside with ten other people and I'll be the only one that gets bit. Always worry about catching West Nile been lucky so far.

  15. 3sixteenths

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    Hope your wife gets well soon. We battle skeeters here a lot. Rivers 1/2 mile behind house and the south wind blows em all on my back porch. I'm ready to get this thing going, but seems I could build a working mock up of the space shuttle easier than posting pics on this phone.
  16. 3sixteenths

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    Alright fellas. Here come the check my math on this questions. According to feldons, a 24x48 with a round 24x24 fb is 21703cc with recommended fb at 7234 cub. In. A 24x24 fb is 10857. If I raise the fire grate to a segment height of 8". That should give me 9683 cubic inches of fb correct. ? Now for the fb to cc hole. Since it is round to round the hole will be football shaped. A 4" segment height On the cc will give me 49 sq. in. The top half of the hole on the fb will be the same therefore double the 49 and I have a 98 sq. in. Opening and feldons says I need 86. thank y'all for checking it out.
  17. Finally getting to start on my 250 gallon this weekend!! Excited and ready!!
  18. Keep us posted with plenty of pictures

  19. Will Do!

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