Here we go again with their research!

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    "All red meat is bad for you" one source posted. (Harvard study)

    Personally I'm getting tired of and maybe even sick from all their research! "This is not good for you, that's not good for you, eat this not that...blah, blah, blah." Too much of anything is not good for people. Too much water will kill a person! How about crying over getting rid of all the growth hormones and the genetically modified corn they're feeding them and let us eat in moderation and in peace, for Pete's sake!
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    JP, evening....... Someone is funding their study.... Follow the money.......  Next week there will be another money source and the theory will change.....   Dave

  3. venture

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    I don't have to worry much about that.  At my age, whatever they say is killing me has already done its damage.

    Meanwhile, I will enjoy the few years I have left.  I am thinking quality versus quantity?  An extra 5 years in the nursing home doesn't really appeal to me?  Heck, I would go broke buying the diapers!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I love the way you think.

    it reminds me of a joke . a man got killed in an accident at heaven he complaints it is not my time yet .so the angel on duty looks at the Board and say it is because you eat bad food like meat and fat the guy no i eat healthy like carrots  than because you smoke i don't smoke the guy says ah you drink to mach i don't drink says the guy ahh to mach s@$# no no i don't do it  says the guy ..

     the angel looks at him so why you wanna go back?
  5. It's all about the money!

    Not knowing how old everyone is (I'm not ashamed to admit I recently turned 51). I was raised by my grandparents on a farm in SE Ohio and there are some things I did raising my kids, that my grandparents did with us, but today's research will tell you no way in hell you should be doing some of this. BTW, my grandmother lived to be 98 and her mother (my great grandmother) lived to be 104.

    Personally I think a lot of what is wrong in the food supply and the people ingesting it now is chemicals, genetically produced foods and growth hormones. Just my $.02
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    The Food Police, they live in my fridge... they're coming to arrest me, OH NO[​IMG].
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    Yahoo had an articleabout that Tuesday. Red meat is bad. The funny thing is they were showing a picture of bacon! Bacon the other white meat, I mean red meat, I mean white meat! LOL
  8. moikel

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    We got all the same press down here.Most of the meat I  eat is grass fed free range except the pork. I watch people at the supermarket by frozen reheat chicken /fish meals with a whole bunch of chemicals & stabilizers then dribble on about red meat being bad for you. I see lentil eating dreadlock hippies smoking cigarettes & what ever else talking about "you flesh eaters dont understand.."

    If its about cholesterol there are meds to reduce it, mines fine much to the amazement of my Doctor. The cancer link ? I am not buying it.

    Now living in a big city increasing your risk of cancer etc is a whole different deal. My late fathers 2 sisters are rising 90,still eating roast lamb dinner every sunday but they are in a little town of 5000 that still doesnt have a set of traffic lights.
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    Sorry about my rant, I just had to vent a bit after seeing the "red meat" topic plastered all over the internet the other day. The hell with all their agenda driven research and opinions.... these are mostly the same people that keep talking about population sustainability. Doesn't make any sense to me. LOL..... while I'm at it, might as well get this off of my chest too. [​IMG]  I'm also really getting tired of watching the endless drug commercials on TV from the pharmaceutical industry, "Do you have this?... Do you suffer from that?... blah blah blah blah" then have that guy on speed rattle off the fifty side effects from their wonder drug.... including death. It's all about the money is right... I'm not saying that it's all bad, because it's not, modern medicine has saved many lives.... :) anywho.... you people have good night. 

    BTW.... I love my new Keurig, can you tell, lol...? [​IMG]I can't remember now, is coffee suppose to be good for me or not? [​IMG]
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    BTW.... I love my new Keurig, can you tell, lol...? [​IMG]I can't remember now, is coffee suppose to be good for me or not?  [​IMG]

    Didn't you hear ...........  Drinking over 5 cups a day saves you from prostate cancer.....   that was last month..... 5 years ago that would give you cancer...  or something.. I can't keep up....  Dave
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  12. So are they saying my great grandma could have lived to be 116 if she never ate red meat?
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