Here we go again for brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by papajim, Oct 22, 2014.

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    To begin with, I cook my briskets on my pitmaker vault. Some are to my liking and others are good but, not good enough. Sent a messaged to pitmaker for advice but no response for over a week. My question has two parts... fat up or down starting out.... and placement on the pit. I have done some comps. but now mostly cook for me and friends. With the cost of beef now can't practice like I should to answer my own question. I normally put brisket on second grate from top... fat down...275-300... pecan chunks or post oak....sometimes put in pan with beef broth ...and once tried the brown butcher paper. When put in pan, fat up no foil over the top of brisket... cook to butta tender... remove from pit....  let rest..... slice when IT is about 150 to 160 deg. Also, season night before with s&p only.... wrap in plastic wrap after seasoning. Are you out there JMoney?


    I'm not perfect..... just like to give my .02 over the internet
  2. Hello.  So here is my 2 cents.  [​IMG]   You left out one very important piece of info.  Are you smoking a whole packer or just the flat?  IF a whole packer I wouldn't pull it off the smoker until IT reaches 170-175 then foil and rest.  Slice at IT of 185-190.  If a flat then your IT looks about right.  You will get just about as many votes for fat up as fat down.  I do fat up.  You say some briskets don't turn out "good enough".  So what's the problem with those?  Are you buying the same quality brisket which comes from the same supplier?  I know that sounds "picky" but I don't know how "picky" you are being about your finished product.  As I am sure you know the product you start with will affect the product you end up with.  If you are constant with EVERY little detail during your whole procedure then the one variable left is the beef you start with.  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!

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    Here's what I always heard, fat side up for low & slow, fat side down for hot & fast.

    Low & Slow ( 250 minus ), it slowly bastes

    Hot & fast ( 250 plus ) its a protection layer incase the fire gets away from you.

    Always made good sense to me ( although my interpertation of the temps may not be proper).

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