Here Spot, See Spot Run, OH NO spot See Spot Smoke, Eat Spot

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mballi3011, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. mballi3011

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    Well our kids wanted a pig so we got a pig. Then the pig got pretty big. Now the pig doesn't run anymore. He was a good pig made a heck of a lot of noise thou. Till BANG.........


    But BUt Spot don't feel good anymore. Then a shoulder a couple hams and some ribs too. With alittle rub a dubb dub and a swing swang  swoom and into the smoker for you.



    [​IMG]Now spot is out of the smoker for now an resting. I will finish the rest of Spot for a good dinner tomorrow before the game.
  2. erodinamik

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    My wife always told me she wanted a pig.  I told her that we could only have a pig, if this is what we did with it. :)
  3. venture

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    My older fishing buddy I lost about ten years ago had that problem.

    His dad would give him a pig to raise, but they kept running away.

    Then he realized that when the pig ran away they were eating a lot of......?  You guessed it.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  4. sprky

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  5. berninga87

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    Now thats a story with a happy ending
  6. smokinal

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    How did the kids like eating their pet pig?
  7. mballi3011

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    Well the verdicts in and spot tasted pretty darn yummY. I like the ribs with the loin still connected. The kids like the pulled pork sammies and some liked the ribs too. Now let's see if they want to do it again.
  8. africanmeat

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    Yummy now you have to get spot 2
  9. big sexy

    big sexy Smoke Blower

    Can name the new one Pork Chop! 
  10. thoseguys26

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    Nice story. Should be a children's book.  I actually told a similar story of a baby lamb that my dad got each of my two brother's and I one to butcher. Back when you could be more liberal in school, I told this story for 5th grade show and tell! All of the girls and teacher in the class were glassy eyed with my baby lamb bottle feeding pictures and then I remember telling them how my dad taught us where to carefully shoot it in the back of the head with the .22. The teacher wasn't expecting that ending. She didn't seem to like the picture of me skinning it either, even when I shared the important fact to not cut into the stomach because you will gag! I probably saved lives that day and they didn't even know it.

    We also had two cows, Hamburger and Big Mac. Thanks for sharing.
  11. LOL! This reminded me of a story my wife told me about when she was young. Her father brought home a piglet as a "pet" for her and her brother. They affectionately called it "Chapiglet", for some unknown reason. They played with it until it got nice and fat and Christmas Eve rolled around. The pig suddenly disappeared and a whole pig just happened to show up for the Christmas Eve roasting party. Well, the kids somehow found out the truth about what had happened and caused such a ruckus that nobody ate. I guess the lesson learned here is that if you're going to eat it, don't make it your pet first. [​IMG]

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