Here is my latest beef stick (pepperoni)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by rich-, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Can some one tell me why the pictures do not show in the order they were added
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    Looking good any way they show up!!

      Like the mini bird houses too!!

  3. Thanks, Craig.

    I made the mini bird houses for my wife a few years back, and she did the paint job.

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    Them beef sticks are looking good I will be making some in a day or two. Have made lots of sausage but never beef sticks.. I have the same problem with the pics. Never know what they are going to do.
  5. I agree on the pictures, seems when I want to post them in order, they have a mind of their own.

  6. I learned a hard lesson today when placing these sticks in my smoker. I originally stuffed them in 48 inch lenghths, thats what I have done several times in the past.

    I bought a case of casings and these are from that case, but they are not as strong as what I have used in the past, the weight of the 2 feet of stick hanging over the 1 1/2 inch wood dowel in my smoker was to much for the casing and most of it broke, I had to retie the broken ends and drape the shorter lenghth over the dowel agai.

    From now on, I will only stuff the caings in 2 foot sections.

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    Rich- When you see the pictures in the preview window, you can 'click and drag' them into what order you want them to be in.  It's kind of a pain to have to do it that way, but it works.
  8. Thanks Dutch, Like a dummy, I didn't go to the preview page, I will from this day forward.

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    Looks really good.

    You need my address....
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    Great looking pepperoni!   [​IMG]
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    They look outstanding! Great job!
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    Looks great rich.... Immediately after inserting a picture I hit the enter button twice then insert another picture and they should come in order. Sometimes the cursor moves from the end of the pic


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    Those look great!  I need to try making some.  Will you share the recipe you used?
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    Sticks look awesome, Rich!!!

    You could also try what I do, when I'm posting pictures;

    Post then in the order you want, then after each picture, hit return a couple times, causing a separation between the last pic & the next pic.

    OOOPS---I see Joe does that too!

    Thanks for showing your great pepperoni sticks!


    Nice little decorative birdhouses too!!!
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  15. You Bet I will share my recipe, This is my own concoction that I have come up with through trial and error. So far all that have tasted my pepperoni, say it is very good.

    If anybody reading this has any suggestions for additional ingredients that you have tried, I would love to hear them and I will incorporate them in future batch's. As mentioned, I'm winging this by the seat of my pants

    5#  Twice ground Top Round Roast--approx 20-80 fat content

    5-- Tbls Morton Tender Quick

    3-- Tbls Ground blk pepper

    1-- Tbls Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

    4-- Tbls Granulated Garlic 

    1-- Tbls Onion Powder

    3-- Tbls Paprika

    3-- Tbls Dark Brown Sugar

    2-- Tbls Marjoram

    2 1/4-- Tbls Mustard Seed, Ground just a little

    2-- Tabls Ground Fennel Seed

    2-- Tbls Ground Anis Seed

    1-- Tbls Cayanne Pepper, or less for taste

    1-- Tbls Savory

    I premix all dry seasonings, then mix with the ground meat. I usually let set in fridge overnight.

    I stuff into 19mm Colagen casings, Hang in my smoker with temp kept at or a little below 100 degrees for at least an hour for drying purpose.

    After that 1 hr. drying, I kick up the smoker temp to 140 to 150 degrees with apple chips on for smoke.

    I keep this temp untill the I T of the snack stick hits approx 120 degrees and then i gradually increase smoker temps untill the I T temp reachs 155 to 160 degrees, Then pull the sticks, dunk in ice water and then let it rest for a few hours.
  16. raptor700

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    Good looking sticks Rich,

    Thanks for posting the recipe[​IMG]
  17. jak757

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    Rich -- thanks for posting this recipe.  I am going to make these, they look awesome.  

    I haven't used tenderquick, I use cure#1.  I'm sure the amount would be different that TQ.  I wonder if anyone knows the ration?  For some reason I have in mind about a tsp of #1 for about 6lbs of meat.  But I think I better get some clarity on this first.

    Thanks again Rich!
  18. Jak, the ratio for Tender Quick right on the bag calls for 1 Tablespoon per pound of meat.
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