Here is my brisket

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  1. So i used the recipie with the marinade and rub in the wiki(cant say ill use it again) smoked with a combo of applewood and jack daniels @ 225 or so. took roughly 12hrs @8 lbs. Smoked in the pan, and covered with foil at around 160 or so. Came out real tender!



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    What was the rub and what are the complaints (so the maker can see and make changes accordingly), but still a good looking smoke to me my friend

    I personally thought the marinade was a lil over powering for the meat. I mean i hear everyone say simpler is better for brisket so im gonna go with that for my second one. The rub is very simple so i think ill just use that next time! My family did love it however! i think out of the 8 lbs there is maybe 2-3lbs left
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    That Marinade is a pretty standard Red Wine marinade though I think I would prefer it on Game like Venison...I rarely Marinate Beef, Flank Steak once in a while, The rub does sound good!...Your Brisket looks Great...JJ
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    Nice job! The brisket looks delicious!
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    looks good to me [​IMG]
  7. Brisket looks to be a nice one. Anytime the majority of it is eaten it had to be good.
  8. thanks guys. i just bought a house so not much money  left to buy some good cuts of meats (looks like boston butts are the only things gonna fit my budget) but i cant wait for spring to try some more briskets.
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    Looks great!!!!!     Make your own marniades they are much better.  My favorite marniade is simple 4 to 8 cups  apple juice (throw in some Jack Daniels or wine), 1/8 to 1/4 kosher or salt cup for 8 cups of liquid , 1 teaspoon pink salt or cure # 1,  1/2 cup brown brown sugar and then seasoning according to your taste.  Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of each garlic and onion powder .  Add some chiptole powder, and or thyme, oregano anything pickling spice and cloves and garlic for pastrami.  I like marniating with juices the acid in them tenderizes the meat.  Marniate for at least trhee days I add some meat tenderizer too.   Sometimes I maniated for 5 to 10 days.  10 days for pastrami this time it ended up 12 days because it got shoved to the back of the frig and forgotten about turned out wonderful.   Experiment, experiment, experiment try different fruit juices.  I have recipes with grapefruit used in fish recipes.  Good luck and great smoking.  Smokin' Vegas
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    The brisket looks pretty darn good from here. If you think that the marinade over powered the meat then next time just done marinade it so long. That's one of the beauties of making food yourself. it is always adjustable.
  11. yeah i definately would love to try pastrami. thanks for the tips ill have to try them out. Ive had fish and pork that was injected/marinated with OJ that was really good!
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    Looks good from here Nigel [​IMG][​IMG]

    I've started smoking my briskets in a pan the whole time and have had very good results with the moisture content and tenderness.

    Thanks for the Qview
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    I a a sucker for good brisket.  Send the leftovers.
  14. what about bark? Are you still able to get good bark? i loved the bark on my pulled pork and id like to try it on brisket
  15. well i got home from work and there is one slice left :(

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    That brisket looks great and to come home from work and only find one slice is proof that you pleased the boss
  17. Looks like it's done and slices well.  Good job.. 

    You could have done worse, like what we did for Diners, Drive-ins & Dives


    This brisket was not rested and seconds out of the smoker.  TVwise, the shot picked up on the juices just flowing out of the meat and that's what the producer wanted to see for the closeup shots.  It wasn't underdone, just under rested.

    On the second day of shooting, for the far out shots with Guy in them, we had a more rested brisket for him to sample and it was perfect.


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