Here goes nothin' - 1st time smoking Chicken Quarters

Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by jtraurig, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Got the ECB for the holidays and have done suggested mods to make it more workable.   Found chicken quarters on sale for .99/lb and I knew I would have a light day today so I thought I would go for it.  Trimmed up  8 chicken quarters and have them resting comfortably for the next 4 hours in a brine of water, salt, sugar, low sodium Soy Sauce and Olive oil.  Brine tasted good, liked the bit of smokiness the Soy added. 

    After the brine, a good rise, then  oil them up and dust them with Emeril's chicken rub, then on the ECB until they reach an IT in the 175 range.  Might put some sauce on them and finish them off on the gas Weber to crisp up the skin, depends on how things progress.  I have a fresh bag  Royal Oak lump ready to go and planning on using cherry chips because that's what I have on hand. 

    Thinking I should be running the ECB in the 275 ~ 300 range? 

    Is there a different rub I should go with other than Emeril's,don't want to overpower the flavor?  Maybe just salt/pepper/garlic/onion power? 



    clean up and ready for a soak.

    Brine mixed up and ready to go.

    Ready to go into the fridge
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    Sounds like you're really well-prepared!  Looking forward to the results.  Wish I could add something, but I've never done whole or quartered chicken on mine (they don't sell chicken that way in Japan [​IMG]).

    Anyway, please post the Q-view ASAP!

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