Herbs in the 'beercan' chicken

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by wingnut, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. I've done several beercan chickens in the past, with Parsley, Sage,  Rosemary, Thyme,, and Lemon in the beercans.  No beer just water in the cans, just mix the Herbs into the water and SMOKE, they have all come out fantastic!! 


    Anyone else try any different Herbs or Spices??

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    I usually just use 1/2 can of beer with about 1/4 cup of Montreal Chicken seasoning mixed in.
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    Haven't tried them in the smoker but on the gas grill I use a aluminum pie pan. 1/2 the beer or soda in the pan 1/2 stays in the can. I rub the outside of the birds with any cheap Italian dressing and I usually just pour garlic salt and a little onion powder into the cavity after I washed it. The garlic salt and onion powder sticks to the damp cavity. Never had a bad one or any complaints. In fact the folks back home in NH always say they miss my beer can chickens and call for the recipie. I never tell them about the Italian dressing!! SHHHHH!!! They always call back and say they were good but not as good as mine and my wifes. I laugh and say don't know why. When we go back to visit we always make a bunch and invite the friends to the in-laws when we stay.

    Nice thing with the pans is meat fork in the neck, pot holder to pull out hot can and leave in the pan. Birds on a cutting board no drips no mess. A few hrs later the grease solidifies and you just throw away the cans and pans. Minimal cleanup.

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