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    Hi, I'm Jodie and very new to forums and smoking. From Orlando, and this smoking meats intimidates me more than I thought. I have an electric master built smoker. I want to smoke a 1 rib prime rib for Christmas. Is this possible? If so, help! Wood, times, etc...oh yea it's 2.5 lbs.
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    Hi Jodie and welcome to the forum. I haven't tried a prime rib myself but if you type it in the search bar at the top of the page, you'll get lots of results. Good luck and enjoy your new smoking addiction.
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    Welcome to the SMF Family!!!

    Yes, not only is it possible, it is a very popular item for the smoker, especially for the holidays. And don't be should be an enjoyable and relaxing way to create a meal...when you smoke, you're slow cooking, so everything is much slower paced. Just remember to be patient with your food and yourself.

    2.5lb bone-in beef rib will take close to 0.8-0.9hrs/lb to reach 145* internal temp with a chamber temp of 225*. If you step it up to 250* chamber temp you'll be closer to 0.75hrs/lb. This depends on the smoker and weather, but you'll want to monitor internal temps if you don't want to overcook it...sometimes they'll cook faster than you expect, sometimes slower. Lots of folks only go to 130-135* internal, but that's too rare for our liking...140-145*. At higher chamber temps, like when grilling with high heat, the carry-over from cooking will elevate the internal temps and depending on the size of the piece of meat, can raise the internal temp by 5-15*. Larger pieces, and lower chamber temps, don't result in as much carry-over.

    You can be creative with smoke woods with beef...hickory or cherry (or combination of both), pecan in combination with the hickory and/or cherry, mesquite if you don't mind the heavy earthy aroma and flavor...I typically use mesquite sparingly in combination with others. Oak would be suitable for beef, as well. Apple is milder and sweeter than cherry, but works nicely when blending in combinations for beef. The potentials are only limited by your inventory of woods.

    Use your favorite dry rub, or use the KISS metjhod...beef, especially the rib, doesn't need much enhancement, so SPOG (salt, pepper, onion, garlic) is a good choice. Don't forget Au Jus if you're into that sort of thing...plan ahead an place a small drip pan on the bottom grate to catch the rendered fat and juices...use this for your Au Jus base.

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    Awesome Eric, and thank you! Will let ya know how it goes.
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    Make sure you have a good thermometer that you have tested in boiling water giving you a reading of 212° something like this

    I think you should smoke a set of bratwurst as practice after you have seasoned the smoker.

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    Hi Jodie welcome to SMF as was said above do a search and you'll come up with lots of information. Personally I take Prime Rib to an internal of 130 or sometimes 135 as during a short rest time the temps will rise 5-8 degrees and my family like rare to med. As for what wood it's a matter of personal tastes we like either cherry or pecan for Prime Rib. I run the smoker at 225 degrees
  7. Welcome Jodie, I like to rub my prime rib with salt, pepper, garlic, and rosemary. Then put in my electric smoker set at 225. I personally believe you need a temp probe inserted to the center of the meat. It's real easy to ruin that expensive cut of meat by over cooking, it goes fast once you get close to your target temp. I take it off at 120/125 and stick on my grill that is preheated on high and crust the outside for a they minutes. Rest for just a few minutes and your in for some good eating. Good luck
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    Hi Jodie just want to say  [​IMG]   to SMF. Looks like you have already receive some good info. But let me ad this to help you navigate the sight better please read Initial Greeting on Home page it has some good info. Enjoy you PR and keep on smoking.

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