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  1. I bought a tiny brisket, 2.2 pounds. This will be my first attempt at a brisket. Any idea how long it should take? Most of the recipes and reviews I have read are for much, much larger pieces of meat. Any input from our resident pros will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. Hello.  As a guesstimate we use 11/2 - 2 hours per lb.  Good luck.  Keep smokin!

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    It depends on the thickness of the meat.   A 2.2 lb chunk of brisket will take just as long to cook as a 4.4 lb chunk of brisket that has the same thickness.

    Can you post a pic of it or tell us it's rough dimensions ?
  4. Lol...I would post a picture if I knew how to do it! I am severely computer challenged as far as pictures go! It measures 8" x 7" x 1.5". Someone else was kind enough to recommend 1.5-2 hours per pound. Guess I'll start there and see how it goes. Thanks for the quick response. I love those site!!! :yahoo:
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    That estimate is a good starting point.  Just be open minded and don't freak out if your brisket takes much longer to cook.    Here's the problem with going by weight.   Your brisket is  8" x 7" x 1.5" at 2.2 lbs.    Someone else might have a piece that/s 8 x 5 x 2.1 that also weighs 2.2lbs.

    The second brisket is more than 30% thicker than the first  and it will take longer to cook even though it's the same weight.

    Yet another brisket might be 19.5 x 8 x 1 and also 2.2 lbs.   It's 1/2 the thickness of the 2.1 inch thick brisket and will cook much faster, again, if though it's the same weight.
  6. Well, four hours in and we're at 172 degrees. MES is set at 225 degrees and it has been smoking nicely. Hoping we re eating by 7:30 when hubby gets home!
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    If you find yourself needing to hurry it along, wrap it in foil and crank up the temp if you can.

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