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  1. Well I'm in a pickle.. i started my turkey at 6 this morning, it's 8:35 now and just checked temp in the breast, already hit 150. bird was at room temperature when it went in and was smoking at 250, what can I do to save this????
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    what time's dinner?

    It will hold for a VERY long time if you double foil it, and put it in a cooler stuffed with towels so there's no air space. Just watch the temp. If it starts to drop too much stick it in an oven to keep it at temp. Doesn't have to be a hot over. Only around 180-200. Baste it if it starts looking dry. Inside should be good for a long time.
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  3. well dinner's not till about two, so this was way too fast. dropped my smoker down to 150 and will see what that does, also re positioned the probe, maybe was getting false readings. how the hell did this happen???
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    Ditto what yardbird said....put it in a foil pain and double (or triple) wrap in foil then put in a cooler and put a couple old towels over it for insulation. This method should keep it nice and hot for 3 (maybe 4) hours. 

    what time is dinner?
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  5. dinner is at two... ok, how about if i don't have a readily available cooler?
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    find a box. just put a lot of towels (think insulation) around it. You want the temp to stay above 140. So if starts dipping down too close to that, you'll have to stick in the oven to keep it at or above that.

    Do you have to display it before carving? If not, you can also carve it and just heat it up and run it through some of the juices or a good chicken stock (also heated). 
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  7. i don't have to.... hmmm that's a thought. ok i think i can do this 8D thanks everyone 8D
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    I once held 30 pounds of thighs foiled in pans and in a cooler stuffed with towels for 4 hours and they were still so hot you couldn't hold them in your bare hand. A big piece of meat should be even easier to keep hot.

    Don't panic. Just think of how much less work you'll have to do when it's time to serve. :)
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    Just adding to your post with my own early finisher today. I planned for my 13 pound bird to take about 3 and a half to 4 hours. It took TWO. It sat on the kitchen counter for AN HOUR after I pulled it and was still too hot to handle when I started taking it apart. 
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