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  1. brianws

    brianws Newbie

    My Brisket Ive been smoking has gone crazy. I am doing jeffs method and had it on the smoke for 5 hours and took it off at 150 i put in a foil pan and covered it with foil. The Temp shot up to 185 in a hour in a half. I took it out of the pan and put it back on the grate and the temp has gone down to 165 and hasnt moved for a hour. My smokers has been at 250 the entire day. 

    Any suggestions to not have this thing all dried up. 
  2. jerseydrew

    jerseydrew Smoking Fanatic

     did you use an instant read therm? if so it sounds like you hit a fat pocket when you got the high reading. i usually stick it again if i see something funky like that. 
  3. brianws

    brianws Newbie

    i got that igrill and it was stuck in the same spot all day. I pulled it out when it hit 185 and it was about the same in other places but now it dropped back down 

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