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    Sorry, but I'm very new as my question will prove. So------what the heck is anmps and a bgesAll help will believe me be appreciatedGary
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    Gary...Bless you heart!  I felt the same way when I started.  Some of the acronyms can be a bit confusing.

    Here is a link in show you what they are.  You can print it and keep it at hand until you get used to them. a Big Green Egg a smoker generator that Todd Johnson sells for your smoker.  He is a sponsor and a member here too!

    I do hope that helps some!  If not...let me know!

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    Don't feel bad, they should offer a dictionary of abbreviation when you come in here. LOL

    ANMPS id one of the many products sold by A-MAZ-N products, Todd is the main guy. It is an axillary smoke generator to supplement electric smokers using either pellets or dust, yours is for pellets.

    BGE is a Big Green Eggs, Don't laugh, its a type of ceramic pit.

    Listen there is going to be a bunch more to figure out, if you have problems just ask.

    As you are new to the site, I'd like to welcome you and invite you to fill out your personal profile.

    Drop by the Roll Call section, introduce yourself and get the welcome you deserve.

    Nice meeting you and enjoy yourself.

    LOL... I have got to learn to type faster or hire a secertary!
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  4. Well there ya go Gary.  Miss Kat got ya sorted out.  I hope you read my post to make your smoker work.  It ain't that hard to do and it Will get you smokin great meat.  If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I will be HAPPY to elaborate and or help you further.  Keep Smokin!


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