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     Hi, just got a maserbuilt extra wide gas smoker. Should I be smoking at 225 or 250. seems to be alot of debate. When I start the smoker I get good smoke for a while then the smoke gets very light evan though the chunks are still good. Is this normal. I also get condensation leaking ouy of the door. Is this normal.

      Thanks, nordo0
  2. As for the temp of the smoker, it depends on what you're smoking.  For pork butt and ribs, anywhere from 200* - 250* is good.  This is something you need to get used to and see which works for you.

    Do you have a reliable thermo so you know these temps are correct?

    As for the smoke, what you DON'T want is white billowing smoke....that is bad juju... you want a thin blue smoke.  If that's what you mean by 'very light smoke', then that's a good thing.

    As for condensation, if you're using a water pan in the smoker, then yes, that water is turning to steam and collecting on the walls of the smoker... as it cools back to water from steam it will collect on the side walls of the smoker and run downward....

    There's a great 5 day eCourse available on the site.  If you haven't gone through it... I'd suggest doing so.. very informative.

    Shout out if you still have questions!

  3. Did you season the smoker first? 225-250º is a good range. Anywhere in there is good. I had some condensation the other day when it was cold out. It went away. You don't want a lot of smoke billowing out. Thin blue smoke is what you want. Sometimes you can barely see it but it will still flavor the meat.
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    Thanks for the info. Yes sometimes it seems like there is no smoke but i can smell the wood. How important is the leaking smoke through the door?

     I will go over to roll call.

  6. I depends on how much heat/smoke is coming out of the door(s).  Some is fine but if it's really pouring out, you may want to use a rope gasket insulation kit to seal them.

    Again, there's a ton of info on the forum about doing this.  Try the advance search function.

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     Salt. I did try a rope gasket from the wood stove shop but the black cement did not stick well to the smoker.

  8. Len, this is what I used and so have several others.  This worked great for me and has held up just fine in my Master Forge gasser.  For the MF, you need 2 packs/ which has 2 doors, not sure about your Masterbuilt as to how much it might take.. but the rope gasket in these kits is roughly 6' if memory servers....

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     Thanks. will give it a try. The corners of my smokers door warp out a little when the unit is in use and the straitens out when it cools.


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