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  1. bigq

    bigq Newbie

    I want to build a UDS and here's the barrel that I want to use but can any one tell me if it's a lined barrel or not and if it's okay to metallic blast the barrel instead of burning it. Thanx [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. austexrod

    austexrod Fire Starter

    I believe if it isn't shiny metal on the inside then it has a liner. It's a good pic but kinda hard to tell from my vantage point.

    Also, what is a metallic blast? is that paint or some kinda of removal technique like sand blasting?
  3. bigq

    bigq Newbie

    It's like sand blasting but on a larger scale. It's used to take scale off of steel plate from the rolling mills.
  4. meateater

    meateater Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    Spray some water on it and see if it rusts, if no rust, you have a liner unless its a stainless barrel, which a magnet wont stick to it. 
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  5. otter

    otter Meat Mopper

    1st welcome

    2nd. what was in it ?

    3rd. Blasting the paint off of the outside is a + and the inside also

    But I would still burn it out real good ... You dont want any nasties in there

    Good Luck and Great Smokeing .... Friend
  6. cromag

    cromag Smoking Fanatic

    Why spend money to blast it.. just drill your air intake holes in the bottom fill the inside with a couple of broken down pallets and light it up. The liner and paint will come right off for free since you used old pallets. I used a leaf burner to get the wood blazing
  7. tom37

    tom37 Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    If you can blast it at work and not cost ya anything, then I say go for it. 

    I have yet to experince the liner, but I read a post here that said fire alone wont take the liner out. I think he said after it cooled from the fire that he used Comet bathroom cleaner and the liner fell off. 

    LOL to cromag,,,,last time I burned something out I almost caught the neighbors cypress tree on fire. The low limbs are like 25 to 30 feet off the ground.  LMAO   it was kinda like a leaf blower deal and once the fire was cookin the noise got loud and the flames got really high. Sounded like a jet was taking off right there in my driveway.
  8. bigq

    bigq Newbie

    Thanx for the comments. But yes I can blast it at work and get the outside and the inside down to the bare metal. But do you think I should burn it afterwards? Or would it be alright?
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  9. bigq

    bigq Newbie

    1 more thing do you think weber lid frm a 22.5 will fit with no problem.
  10. tom37

    tom37 Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You can do a burn on it for peace of mind but I think if it was me, and I was down to bare metal, that I would build it and season it.

    There is debate on this and I don't intend to start a pissin match but every comp I go to, there is at least one team cooking in a galv trashcan.

    I cant see how your drum could have anything bad left after the blast. 

    The lid can be a touchy area, some fit good and some not so good. 

    On one of my drums, I cut a large radius on a 2x4 and put it in the vise.

    Then I used it along with a rubber mallet to form the lip of the lid flat.

    Then set it on the drum and again used the mallet to tap down four places of the lip to form to the barrel.

    Gotta be careful doing this cause the lid will try and shift sideways and get all goofy outa wack.

    This one, the lid works OK but not great.

    On my second drum, I set the webber lid on top of the standard flat drum lid.

    Welded the two together on a very low setting. Mainly to seal it up more then make a full pen weld. 

    After it was welded I took a die grinder and cut the center of the flat lid out and ground it smooth. 

    This one works Fantastic!!!!!!! Its a very nice tight fit. 

    If it does not make sence shoot me a PM and I will post ya a pic. 

    Not sure if I will be on tomorrow since I am attending the Lenexa BBQ contest. But I will try and atleast check in.

  11. bigq

    bigq Newbie

    Here's the drum after blasting! Does it look like it needs burned out?[​IMG][​IMG]
  12. cromag

    cromag Smoking Fanatic

    My drum had the same color liner that this drum has and it flaked off after I did a burn with the broken up pallets. After my drum cooled I used a wire brush on the outside and inside then wiped it out. I know the red liner is difficult with a burn out but the white is not so bad.
  13. cromag

    cromag Smoking Fanatic

    I think you're good to go as long as the material that was stored in the drum wasn't a hazardous material, if it was a burn out wouldn't hurt just to be safe. If no haz mat then just build it and do a good seasoning

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