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    Link to BBQ Pit Calculator

    Hopefully this link works like it should. I have read where there are some issues with Feldon's numbers, so if you have a minute to browse through, and see what you would change It would be greatly appreciated. I'm getting ready to start this build as soon as I get my welding machine back up and running. As of now Im going to put the door of the FB on the end, and build a heating box that will sit on top of the FB. I would like to build a pie shape intake but Im not for sure how big to make the openings in it. It looks like if I cut a 9"x2.5" rectangle out, that will give it the intake that it needs. If you have any suggestions for that Im all ears. Also Im not for sure how high to go up the CC with the FB. If anyone could help out with that it would be greatly appreciated as well. Ive seen some 24" builds that has answers to some of  the questions I have, but Im not for sure if going with the 24" numbers will mess me up or not? I hope to have my machine back together in a couple of weeks so I can start my build. As of now Im in the planning process of this build so hopefully when it comes time to stat cutting and welding I can have it all figured out. Thanks for any help, input, or suggestions.

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