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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by tracik3, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. tracik3

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    So, we just brought home a master forge gas dual door smoker.  I have been reading the threads for a couple of days and the lowes reviews.  So, I know I need a different thermometer.  I keep seeing the posts about the maverick.  Is this the only one I need?  Will this give readings for the meat and the smoker? 

    I bought 2 whole chickens and really want to try the smoker out tomorrow.  But, am scared to try with the messed up thermometer.  I do have a digital one that I can stick in the meat to see if its done.  Maybe I will just try one and see what happens. 
  2. A lot of us here use a Maverick. That is not to say that that is the only one that you can use.

    Happy smoken.

  3. jckdanls 07

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    Is the smoker new ?? if so you will need to season it first.. do a test run with smoker empty ... first calibrate your digital therm in boiling water (212`)... then use your digital therm at grate level (put probe threw a small potato and set it on the grate)... then compare it with the door therm and see what the difference is when smoker is running at 225` by the digital...

    The Maverick 732 or 733 will do both tasks of reading chamber temps and meat temps... I suggest you invest in one.. will be one of your better investments ...

    Good luck with your new smoker ....
  4. tracik3

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    Thank you we will try that, until I can order a maverick

    I am soooo aggravated!!  I went to a lowes today to buy the smoker and they only had one in a box and one on display.  The one in the box was damaged and wasn't sure if the display would fit in my car and really didn't want it.  So, I drove across town to the other lowes and got one.  Got it home took all the parts out and unwrapped and there were no bolts!! UGH  Now I have to go all the way back and take it back and get another one.  I am going to make them open it before I leave the store!
  5. jckdanls 07

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    after checking to make sure everything is there let the manager know how aggravated you are and how far you had to travel.. then see if he'll take some off the price.... if not let him know that the home depot is right down the street...
  6. tracik3

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    I doubt they will take any additional off.  We already get the 10% military discount. 
  7. tracik3

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    Well, I returned the smoker and got another one. I had them help me open it and make sure the bolts were in there.  Thank goodness I did because it didn't have an instruction manual! 

    Any way I did the boiling water test and it thermometer was almost right on.  Maybe 5 degrees or less different. Its a little hard to get an exact reading on it. 

    Thanks for the help!

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