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  1. I have recently inherited a MES 20070610 from an uncle, never been used and came with no manual (basic operation I can figure out).  I have always had a stick burner so the electrical burner is new to me.  Are there any secrets, tricks, break-ins I should be aware of?  It will be great to do small batch stuff and not have to fire up the stick burner.  
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    Try this link for the manual you need. As for tricks and things, read through the MES posts.  You will find a lot of help there.  There is a break-in to do.  I cannot speak for the master built but on cookshack and smokin-it smokers, after ensuring that ALL packing has been removed from the smoker, it is plugged in, set temp to maximum (300/250), wood placed in the smoke box, and let it run for 4 or 5 hours.  This gets rid of any factory residue (solvents/oil/whatever and seasons the smoker with a nice wood smell. Good luck.
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    Welcome Outtabbq!!  [​IMG]

    Check out my Step by Step Index (Below).

    Every Smoke in there was done on my MES.

    They each have everything you need to know to do the Smoke listed:

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

  4. Bear I was looking at your "step by step" this morning and must say great info look forward to playing with the MES and your receipts.  Also want to say that saw that you are a military vet and growing up and still living in a military community I always have to say thanks to our vets.

    Big thanks you for the info and your service
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    This is an electric analog smoker. You might be able to download the owners manual from the Masterbuilt website. The 1500 watt heating element operates differently from the digital electric version. I think there are only 3 shelves. So check out the MB site. Hopefully someone who owns this smoker will reply to your post.

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