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    Hey guys and gals. It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm always on here checking out everyone's builds. Now I have a build in mind that I could use some help on.
    I was at a buddy of mines house yesterday and noticed he has a little cinder block shed behind his house. I went over to check the shed out, and it was empty. First thought that rolled through my mind was "smoke house".
    Here is where I could use some design help. I'm not the best with math, but I'm pretty good with building things "metal or wood".
    This shed is
    57 1/2" north wall to south wall
    73" east wall to west wall
    62" ground to top of cinder blocks on the east wall
    87" from the ground to the peak of the roof
    I would like to be able to hot smoke in this building, or what I'm guessing is hot smoking (200-250deg)
    I'm thinking about taking a price of 20" pipe 3/8" thick and cutting it how ever long I need to, then capping the ends and using it as a wood burning heater. I can vent the heater from our side the building if needed. I was thinking of putting a stack how ever big on the opposite end of the intake vent on the heater and going at it that way with the heater sitting inside of the building. Or if I can get by with putting the heater on the out side of the building then piping the Heat and smoke in, I can do that as well.
    I would like to get yalls help on if this will work or not? Also designing the heater ( how long, how big and how long of a stack) and how big of an intake for the heater) Oh also what about the exhaust for the building?
    I know I have just asked a lot, but I would greatly appreciate any help.

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