Help with segment height for FB to CC

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  1. hey guys! been off line for a while doing a lot of smoking and some entertaining upgrades to the outside of my house. for some reason since i finish my smoker, i have more folks showing up than normal?

    anyhow, i have a fellow jarhead that is building a smoker and needs some help from me. I've been good with everything except the part that kicked my butt....figuring the segment height for FB to CC opening and RF plate height.

    ran all numbers thru BBQ calculator

    build info:

    tank size; 105 gallon

    FB size 22"x22"x22"

     runs him at 131%

    FB to CC needs to be 85.18 sq in with a 14.73 diameter opening on a half moon tank

    i have the formulas, i just can't get them to work again.

    probably need to know the size of the RF opening at other end also.

    any help would be awesome

    Thanks guys
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  3. that its! thanks smoke jumper!
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    Glad to be of service.

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