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  1. I have family that lives in Fountain Run, KY. I go visit there once or twice a year and always look forward to getting some of the local BBQ and have been wanting to replicate it at home but have yet to get the sauce right. I don't think it is very popular in other parts of the state but around there they have pork shoulder (with bone) slices with a very nice SPICEY vinegar based sauce.  They serve the shoulder "dipped" or "sprinkled" depending on how hot you want it. I have tried several of the NC recipes but none seem to be the same. All of those seem to vinegary, where as the sauce I have had the vinegar is there but seems toned down and a nice heat taste to it that is stronger than the vinegar. I have only found this sauce in the Glasglow, Tomkinsville, Scottsville areas. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi.  I live very near the area you are talking about.  I'm also looking for a sauce to use with my smoked sliced shoulder.  We get the shoulder sliced and then smoke it.  Someone told me that we need a sauce like what you are describing.  I've not really started looking very hard but I'm curious if you ever found anything.  If so, would you be willing to share.  One of my college roommates was from Fountain Run.  I might see if he can find something.  Good luck!

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