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  1. I recently bought Jeffs rub and wanted to try it out so I bought a rack of baby backs rubes them down night before put them on the smoker at noon next day at about 225 to 250 degrees with hickory and apple wood I was using 3-2-1 method cut the 1 to 30 because they where done I used no Sauce my question is I got great bark best I ever have got but I didn't get any flavor from the rub not sure what I did wrong I used it on some wings they where great but I got nothing on the ribs anyone have any ideas
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    Try putting some rub in the foil with some liquid. I use butter, raw sugar, & some rub, with a little water.

  3. I use apple juice honey and butter in the wrap forgot to mention that but I will try more rub next time I am convinced it was me who screwed up just not sure where
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    I rub the night before and add some more before going in the smoker. The end product should be a seasoned and enhanced Pork flavor. If you or a guest bites into a Rib and comments," Wow that is a tasty RUB..." You put too much! The goal is tasty Ribs...JJ
  5. I usually apply rub about 60-90 minutes before smoking. I get good results that way but have also got good flavor when i let them sit overnight as well. Maybe you just did not use enough or possibly used to much apple juice etc. when wrapping and overpowered the rub?
  6. That could be it I will keep trying they where still great ribs I was just looking forward to the heat
  7. If your spices are not fresh or stored properly they lose much of their flavor. Often times spices you purchase at the store may be months old. I buy online from the Spice House. About as fresh as you can get. Always store them in a cool dark place. Fresh spices will make a significant difference I don't think this can be overstated.
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    [​IMG]   3montes beat me to it...I was gonna say exactly the same thing!  

    I had some rub stored in Tupperware that I kinda forgot about...months later (maybe a year or more), I discovered it in my hall cupboard.  The ribs I cooked with this rub were more bland and flavorless than any I'd cooked in a long time.  Lesson learned...nowadays, I only make or buy enough rub to use in a couple of applications at a time, and I use the freshest spices I can find.  IMHO it makes a difference!

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