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Discussion in 'Beef' started by loran kintner, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. loran kintner

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    hello guys & gals. I want to try to fix the ultimate ribeye for my son's birthday friday. I have been grilling sence I was a kid ( love to do it ) and i'm hoping to find a great way to grill the ultimate ribeye. I also have two smokers one is eletric. I wonder about putting in a smoker to start out and then finish on the grill. I would love to here what you all have to say. thanks loran
  2. Hey Loran. Drop in Roll Call and let us know about yourself and your history of smoking. I myself do not like smoked steaks. They are good, but I prefer mine grilled. I am sure someone will be along soon with some great ideas, but be sure to hit Roll Call. Welcome to SMF.
  3. fired up

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    For me, you cant beat a nice grilled ribeye. Rub it down with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper and some olive oil, cook to rare, let rest 5 minutes and dig in. No A1, no, lemon pepper, no garlic powder, no nothing. Sometimes simplicity is the best. Maybe some grilled mushrooms and onions on top or a little butter.
  4. bmudd14474

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    Welcome to SMF. Are you set on doing steaks? You could always do a full ribeye roast on the smoker. Take it to 130 pull and rest. They you will have awesome primerib.
  5. nomorecoop

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    Here's what I do & it comes out GREAT.

    Smoke ribeye at 200-220 until it reaches an internal temp of 110*. Hickory works well.

    While that's smoking (about 30 min), fire up the charcoal grill with some lump. When the meat reads about 106* or 107* put about 3-4 nice size hickory chunks directly on the blazing hot lump.

    Grill ribeye on the wood fired lump to desired doneness. For medium to medium rare, it's about 45 seconds on each side. I may do 60 seconds on the first side & 45 seconds on the second. Remember to place the ribeye perfectly squared on the grates & rotate it 1/4 turn after 30 seconds for that perfect diamond grilled look.

    Since I love steak, I'd advise you to make a practice run before the big day.
  6. graybeard

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    I put a few very small sticks of wood in foil on the gas grill and grill as usual when the sticks start smokin. I call it Fast a Furious! (high heat)

  7. loran kintner

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    I know this is my first post well now 2nd but i like what i read on here every body always has good ideas and it is going to be tough figuring out how i am going to fix these ribeye's. I will drop in on roll call I should have done first (wasn't thinking) but it's a tose up between fired up & nomorecoop thanks for the advise loran.
  8. ronp

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  9. haryadoon

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    I had a smoked ribeye steak sandwich at a restaurant today. Smoked meat is very unusual here in NZ (beyond ham, bacon and pastrami, that is), and this was a real treat. The steak was cut thinly - about 1/4 inch thick, obviously smoked as a thin steak, then grilled on high for probably only a couple of minutes. I'm going to try something like that; I'll start with the gas BBQ as a smoker; if I like it, I might invest in a proper smoker.
  10. tn_bbq

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    I prefer to use coal rather than gas when doing steaks.

    Take the chill off your steak by letting it rest at room temperature while you fire up your coals.

    No lighter fluid! You can go with briquettes, but I prefer lump coal.
    • Season your steak (I like chilli powder & seasoned salt)
    • Lightly coat with oil.
    • Configure your coals/grill (one side hot & one side cool)
    • Start the steak on the cool side of the grill (let it soak up smoke flavor)
    • Finish over hot coals
    • Remove from grill & let rest (apply a dollop of butter)
    • Enjoy

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