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Discussion in 'Pork' started by stircrazy, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Ok so last night I did pork chops in the smoker.  I used my rib rub on them and then put them in for 3 hours at 200. 

    as expected they were good, but a little dry for my liking.  I have hear people talking about brining, is there a simple home made brine I can use to keep them moist?

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    When you smoke chops, the puddle of tell-tail juices on top is what tells you how much they're cooking. Then, texture check...very firm and stiff when lifted is generally over-cooked, Firm with some sag when lifted is about right, then you can make a small incision to check color. If USDA inspected pork, 145* and above is safe, 160* is med-well, with just a touch of pink. Much past the slightly pink and they're well-done, and likely will be dried-out. Oh, don't flip when smoking, just let it set, and don't cook to time when smoking or's all about what your senses are telling you (sight and touch, mainly).

    I've brined chops a few tiimes in the past...pretty good addition of flavors, though it won't really help for moisture, unless they're still a little pink:

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    Im smoking pork steaks AND chops right now.. if you ask me putting them on the smoke for an hour then slathering on sauce and wrapping in foil for two hours then unwrapping for a half hour or so till they are done makes the most moist ones i ever had. Just gotta experiment till you find what works I guess. We all love em that way and so has anyone who ever came to our cookouts.. ill get some pics of these before its all said and done.. fighting the thunderstorms right now to get em done.. LOL.
  5. thanks for the replies guys, I just picked three hours as ribs take 5 haha.  ya they were to done for my liking.  I wondered about foiling with some juice like I do with ribs, but wasn't sure if chops would take it the same.  the wife loved them that's what counts I guess but they came out to dry for my liking. 


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