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    I would like to install angle irons on both sides of my mes40 near the top in order to have enough room to smoke the 3.5 pound tubes of summer sausage. What material do you all suggest for the angle iron? Aluminum? What about the screws and what type of screws? I would like to stop using full cans of soup to raise the sausage of the bottom. Also it took me 36 hours to smoke 35 pounds of sausage a couple weekends ago. I started at 100 for an hour , then 165 for 20 hours, then 185 till it reached internal of 152. It got to 151 before I gave up and took it out.


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  3. This mod from Todd works great! I did it in my MES40 with some oak I had laying around. I would definatley recommend doing it! This way you can still use your top rack and don't have to drill any holes. Works awesome for hanging bacon hooks on also, I have my second 12# batch of bacon in 2 days in there now cold smoking.
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    your welcome

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