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  1. I have a 1947 GE refrigerator that I am wanting to convert to an insulated vertical RF smoker. I want to keep it all stacked and no offset in attempt to keep as much of the original look as possible. The CC is 26" wide, 46.5" tall & 15" deep. The FB would preferably be confined in a 11" tall, 32" wide and 18" deep area. According to the Feldon calc's it will not work (only 72%). Apparently I will have to make my smoker taller. The intake chambers will be around 51" tall and the exhaust will be at least 50" tall. The issue that I am having with the math is that the Feldon's calculator is for an offset smoker so I have no idea what size I need for the fire box, the (2) intake chambers and the exhaust chamber. I am not sure if I can stick with rectangle chambers or it will be better for round. I plan on the chambers to be on the exterior of the back of the fridge so I think rectangle would be easier to make. Any suggestions for my project would be great.
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  3. I have not smoked with electric before so I never put too much thought into it. I really like the red fridge that you built. I just love the classic look to it.
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    electric is the easiest to control and set and forget. definitely the way I would recommend for a fridge build.  just go through the fridge/freezer build stre and look at all the different designs the guys have come up with. keep us posted if you have any questions of any kind. an amazing amount of info here.
  5. i don't think i can get away from the pyro in me to go electric [​IMG] LOL. Once i get through the wallpaper the hippies put on the fridge in the early 70's and get some actual work done and pictures posted.
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    I hear ya, but fear not. Electric is really the way to go for a fridge.

    would this pic of amazing perfect pulled pork lie???

    or triple smoked 4 pepper bacon?

    or a smoker full of venison pork smokies?

    or fall apart brisket?

    now im just showing off smoked cheese and butter. lol

    hahaha. to each there own Dallas. heres the control panel i have on it that makes it 100% set and forget using this controller 

    electric fridge conversion is the easiest and cheapest too.

    either way you decide, it fun and exciting to make them. Look forward to watching your progress!
  7. You are a friggin' Madman! Now I'm hungry but not for the Italian food that my is cooking!
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    haha. GET BUILDING!!! 

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