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  1. Hi all,

     I've searched and read almost every thread that comes up with a search of 'Chipotle' with no luck. I'm trying to find a happy medium with my family and a chipotle sauce and/or glaze. I like spicy stuff; however, my wife and kids don't. They love the chipotle flavor, just not the heat. Does anyone have a good recipe that would help and they would share? It's mainly for pork chops and chicken.


  2. mchar69

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    I would start with smoking a bunch of jalapenos or poblanos for about and hour

    at 200 or so - until they are wrinkly.  They freeze well.

    They absorb a whole bunch of smoke.

    Then remove the seeds and chop finely and put into a BBQ sauce.

    In a medium saucepan -

    Saute 4 slices thick bacon .

    Then add an onion, 3 garlic cloves, minced.

    28 oz. ketchup

    1/4 cup dijon

    1/4 cup brown sugar

    3 tb honey

    1/4 c red wine vinegar

    2 tb apple cider vinegar

    2 tsp worcestershire

    1 tsp salt, pepper, cayenne

    juice of 1 lemon

    Add your smoked jalapenos to taste, could also add chipotle powder.

    Heat and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    Omit the cayenne if too spicy - good luck.  I probably would start w/ 2 jalapenos

    and see if that's enough smoke for you.

  3. bandcollector

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    You also have another option...Make a sauce that you are found of and then make another sauce your family will like.

    Two birds with one stone so to speak.

    I have four or five different sauces in my refrigerator at all times.   Keeps the members of the family happy as well as myself.

    Good Luck,  John
  4. edward36

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    Hi there,

    How about this simple one... Has chipotle taste along with sweetness of apricots and honey. Great for poultry but will work with pork as well.

    4 tbsp apricot marmalade or jam

    4 tbsp honey

    1 tbsp chipotle paste

    1/2 cup your favorite BBQ sauce

    Whisk it all together and baste the meat 20-30 min before it is ready.

    Hope it works for you :)

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