Help with chimney parts and pid.

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  1.  Hello, looking for a place to puchase a chimney for my next freezer build. I was hopeing someone would know of a site that had a chimney with a damper and rain cap.I also need information on a pid. I was thinking of using a oven element as my heat source so  the pid would have to handle 220. I'm new to the pid concept but I'm all ears. The reason for the larger element is the new build will be a two door smoker which is pretty large,

       I removed the plastic from the inside and decided to keep the foam intact. I plan on firring the inside with 2x2s,insulated with rock wool and skinned with a sheet of aluminum. I was planning to use 2 amaze n smoker as my smoke source.Pros or cons? Thanks
  2. Can't contribute much on the chimney, most of them I see on here are homegrown. As far as PIDs go Auberins can't be beat in my opinion I am not sure it you need two AMNPS units or not, Tod would be the one to consult with on that but I love mine. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Thanks iron horse         I'm not sure if I need two either. I use one now for my single refrig build but doesn't seem to put out a huge volume of smoke.It may be enough as I'm just a rookie.

      The pid I looked at had a max.output of 12 amps. Not sure if that means at 110 or 220. I will have to look and see how many watts the element uses.  Thanks again
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    You should be able to purchase 4" round galvanized flue pipe and a 4" storm cap from a big box home center store or even a local plumbing,heating and air conditioning supplier.
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    The maximum wattage your can use for your oven element, assuming 12 amps at 240 volts is 2880 watts.

    You should not need a heating element that large unless your freezer is absolutly Gi-normous.
  6. For your chimney parts, go look at a Home Depot, Lowes, etc... for the ductwork used for gas water heaters, most are Stainless Steel, and you can find just about all the parts needed.  I just picked up a 24" long 4" diameter SS tube for $5 on clearance, would make a great chimney.  Good luck!

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