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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by kboss714, Oct 20, 2015.

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    This is the first time I'll be smoking chicken wings. Was wondering if I should brine the wings or soak them in buttermilk. Would you season them with your chicken rub or just smoke them and then sauce them? How long do you smoke the wings and at what temperature do you use?
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    I haven't done any chicken wings yet kboss,

    but do a search for chicken wings in the search bar and you'll find lots of info to choose from.

    Someone who has may be along shortly as well.
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    Hi kboss. Lots of great wing recipes around here. My favorite is Scarbelly wings, so named in honor of a late member who was very fond of them. Here is a link to my slightly varied version of this hot wing recipe:

    However you decide to do them, good luck! And be sure to show us how it goes with some qview! Thumbs Up

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    I think everything you are asking sounds like personal preference. For your last question, Looking at other posts, it sounds like the normal temp for wings on masterbuilt digital smokehouses is 275.

    There is a lot of different ways to do wings if you look it up here, but I'll give you my favorite that is always a huge hit. I love marinade for chicken. I got this recipe from a 2006 Weber Grill Cookbook, but have since tweaked, I'll give you the original. I promise you'll love the taste! Disclaimer, I use offset with charcoal and wood or Weber Kettle: The following is original, I usually double each measurement and add a few other things.
    1/4 cup Extra Virg Olive Oil
    4 Tblspn fresh lemon juice
    1 Tblspn fresh minced garlic
    1.5 teaspoon kosher salt
    2 teaspoon dried oregano
    2 teaspoon paprika
    1 teaspoon celery seed
    1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

    Mix all together, put ~ Dozen wings in ziplock freezer bag and pour marinade in, zip up, squish around good to get even coating, put in bowl then in fridge, ideally marinade 3 hrs, but don't marinade too long with that lemon in there! Every 30 min or so rotate bag around to ensure even marinade.

    With my charcoal I do 350 degree with average time around 15 min. I can't tell you IT of anything because I just go on feel/ look of the wings. I don't think your masterbuilt will go that high, so . . . 275, figure about 20-25 min in take a peek and see what ya got? You will probably find something clearer on the forum.

    Pick your own wood flavor, with the amount of flavor in the marinade I recommend something light.

    Good luck! Post some picks with whatever decide!!!

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