help with beef ribs please

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lennyluminum, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. I have a bunch of beef ribs that I want to try and smoke. Is it possible to cook these like pork ribs and get the fall off the bone tenderness or will they dry out and become more like jerky?  
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    You want to wrap them in foil with a little beer or broth after cooking for a few hours I wrap them about 160 IT braising is were its at with beef ribs.
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  3. Ok thanks I'm about to put them on the smoker in a min.

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    Yep the braise really helps beef ribs. Look into the 3-2-1 method. You don't need much liquid during the braise. 1/4 cup tops. Beer, wine, broth all good options.
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    How about some progress pic's?:drool
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    Looking forward to the results! Any time I did beef ribs I just wrapped them, no liquid. I might have to give that a shot next time though! :)
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    How did they turn out?

  10. [​IMG]

    They came out pretty good other then the lack of meat. Very tender and moist but a little dark in color. Next time I won't add Smoke for so long.

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  11. bearcarver

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    The best way I've found to get good meaty Beef Ribs is to buy my Prime Ribs cheap, when they're on sale.

    Then cut the bones off myself, leaving an extra 1" of meat on the bone side of my cut.


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  12. I got a big pack of beef short ribs I may give them a go soon.

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    Beef ribs are hard to find around my area for some reason. The only ones I could find were back ribs from Walmart, and they had about as much meat on them as your finished product. I won't spend money on that nonsense.

    I've since been hounding the local butcher shops and now they are starting to put a few in the freezer (probably for me alone). When I first started calling around and asked for beef ribs some places said "What? You mean pork ribs?" I was in shock wondering what exactly these butchers are doing.

    Anyway, looks like you have the new cooker nice and seasoned and got a taste for more after those! Looking forward to seeing your plate ribs!!! [​IMG]
  14. smokeymose

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    Looks like yours have more meat on them than the ones I made yesterday, Lenny! Tasty, but I'm glad I tossed in a few chicken thighs...
    They just looked so interesting I had to try them! I'll make them again, but they'll be a side.

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    I get mine from Albertsons - always available when theres roasts around, and 2 weeks later - all the roasts become boneless rib eyes and racks of ribs! I love em, and I they have plenty of meat!

    The ribs I see above (Bears are the best - thanks - ive used your idea and love it!) are "packer ribs". They are stripped of meat by the butcher and leave enough in between to have a bite or two, but are worthless (1.99/lb and frozen - right?)
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    How do i go about choosing beef ribs that are thick like so?


    Im in houston, very rarely do i find beef rib racks, and beef rib racks with any meat.

    Any tips on how to spot a good rack or direction on where to go would be greatly appreciated.

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