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Discussion in 'Pork' started by gobbledot, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I have read a thread in here somewhere but I cant seem to find it ( there is toooo much).. How many people will a 7lb butt feed? I am having around 20 to 25 people this weekend and was wondering how many butt's I need to get.. Thanks for any help or shoot me in the direction of the thread I am looking for..
  2. Hey Jim, I get about 15 1/4lb sammies from a 6 Lb butt. So if you are planning on 25+ people I would cook at least two 7Lb'ers, and if it were me I would cook 3 of them. Some people may want seconds and this will allow for some leftovers, doggie bags,vac pac for another day,etc... Hope this helps.

    There are many threads about this topic but I think you will find that most people will agree with my math give or take a few sammies...Good Luck, and oh whats your addy? [​IMG]
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    It goes some thing like your gonna loose about 50% in cooking. So that 7 pound butt is gonna yield about 3 1/2 lbs. Then you can serve 1/3 lb or 1/4 lb sammies. You know your friends better than anbody else how many sandwitches are they gonna eat? Are you gonna have other stuff? Then cook more then you need and freeze the left over and heat it up later we just had some pulled pork tonight that was left over frozen and heated it in the steamer and it was great.
  4. You're better off doing 2. By the time your friends make thiers, you don't want to short yourself a sammie.
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    I'd go with 3. There gonna eat like crazy cause it's gonna be so good. Just four of us, did a 7 1/2 pounder, thought we'd have some to freeze, Nothin in the freezer! Better safe then hungry I always say!
  6. desertlites

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    yup I would also go with 3-I for 1 can do more than 1 1/4# sammy-and can always save leftovers for a sunday race.
  7. capt dan

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    I also agree, be safe and do 3!
  8. geob

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    It's fun to fill the smoker. Go for it 3 will be plenty and folks can take some home. Remember the finishing sause, your guest will be wondering what that taste is. Just answer "what taste ya talking about"

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    Jim, rule of thumb for caterers is one pound of un-cooked meat per adult. Like was said above, you will yield from 40% to 50% after cooking. I once cooked three shoulders (two Boston Butts and one large Picnic) and weighed them before and after pulling and throwing away bone and fat. I yielded exactly 40%.

    So the answer is about three or four 7 pound shoulders.

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