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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jmo bbq, Jun 12, 2013.

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    This Sunday is Father's Day, and I am wanting to smoke multiple items for the day(Brisket, Butt, and probably three racks of BB). All I have to smoke on though is my WSM and my electric smoker. Depending on the size of brisket(maybe 10-12lb), the butt(about 8lbs) and the racks of ribs can anyone help me with a timeline on when I should start and the process and order I should do it in. Looking to serve my family about 3:00pm Sunday afternoon. Thanks for your help men.
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     BBs will take 5+ hours @ 225* with 2-2-1 method or variants, and 5.5+ hours on straight open grates. Ribs are one thing I will not smoke at much over 225*...lets more fat render out and seems to help in moisture retention...a short rest is all they need before slicing...I slice just before serving. Brisket and butts can take over 2hrs/lb @ 225, and around 1.75 @ 240-250*, but there's not guarantee on that...every piece seems to cooking slower or longer than the last. If they're done early, you get the added benefit of a bit longer resting before slicing or pulling. Give them at least an hour wrapped in foil/towels to rest before processing to serve.


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