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  1. Hi, I'm one of the newer members who is having a challange w/brisket.  Have done two so far in my MBS 40, and could not - would not serve to anyone.  I guess I am glutten for punishment as on Sunday, April 1st we are having our 1st home BBQ of the new year with approx. 14 of us. 

    Ofcourse, I would like to do a brisket in the smoker.  If I follow very precise recipe directions, etc. should I be able to do a good brisket?  Now I know no one has a crystal ball..but I would welcome your thoughts.

    Could I finish a brisket Saturday eve and foil it and reheat to serve Sunday mid day.  Thoughts on that also please.

    Also any receipe items to go along w/the brisket would be appreciated.  I know this is a lot to ask.

    Thanks in advance.


    San DIego, CA.
  2. Unfortunatly, I do not own a MES 40 so I will let those who do come along and help you with the details of your brisket cook. 

    I do recoemmend cooking to finished temp ...not time.  I plan 1.5 hours per lb but add 2 hours to the toalt for a risk mitigation strategy.  Go to 185* for slicing, about 205* for pulling.

    I can offer suggestions on sides though: First thing Texas you ALWAYS get a loaf of bread with your BBQ.  I'd also recommend a tub of iced down beer.  I like cole slaw, some pinto beans (cooked in beer and heated below the brisket so the dirppin get in them) and maybe some ears of roasted corn dunked in cilantro lime butter and some peach cobbler for desert.
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  3. Thanks.  Last two times I cooked to time and ignored the temp.  Big mistake.  I like your sides ideas.  Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.

    Have a great weekend.

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    The only thing you can consistently cook by time is ribs . Everything else needs to be cooked to internal temps.
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    I am also new so I have just a bit of info to pass on. I am having trouble with the smoke flavor, but as for being done, now that is something I can tell you about. I run the temp at the grate around 225 to 235 degrees, some short time above and below, but most of the time at that range. I cook till IT is 195. I then bring it in and foil bag it with about 1/4 cup of apple juice and seal the foil. Put thermo probe back into the meat and put back on the pit. At about 205 degrees I will start to probe the meat with an ice pick or any other metal probe like a potato spike. I want the probe to feel like I am probing air, no resistance.

    I just started reading the book Slow and Low. I see I have been doing a few things wrong. I need to remove any bark from the chunks. And quite taking short cuts when adding lump coal and more smoking chunks like hickory.
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    Onemajicman , I also have no MBS40, and can not say how to use one ; however I can give a little info. I use for all my BBQing.

    Once you get your cooker's heat where you want it , leave the door closed as much as possible (keeping the cooking environment intact ) , and as stated , take your internal temp. to at least 190*f , for slicing. Rest for a few min. before cutting (across the grain) .

    Brisket is a tough beginer's meat , however if you are "PATIENT" , you may get a good cook. Read through the WIKI on Brisket and good luck[​IMG].

    But whatever you do....
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    I have a mes 30 and the above is true. Keep it closed as much as possible. Also temps are preference and all that these guys say here are pretty much spot on, one thing i have to stress and is the MAIN difference in a good to great brisket is the towel wrap in cooler method. To me that is what turned my brisket for average to great. All thanks to these great guys here on this forum, ive learned a ton here.

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