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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jema, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I bought a Master Forge smoker for a gift and would now like to buy it a nice cover. The problem is ---Lowes doesn't have the measurements listed, the manufacturer couldn't give them to me and I'm 2,000 miles from the smoker. Can someone who owns one please give me the measurements from the top of it's chimney to the ground, the depth and width including anything that sticks out? I would surely appreciate it. I want to get a good one that will last through some harsh winters and may even have a cover custom made but I need to know the measurements.  Surely will appreciate it.
  2. I have that model and will measure it tonight - and send the measurments.
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    [​IMG]   Glad to have you with us!

    I don't have that smoker, but some of the guys do and I'm sure one of them will be along to give you the dimensions.
  4. 50 '' high   from top of smoke stack to floor

    26'' wide   from outside of each handle

    16'' deep   outside front to back
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    Welcome to SMF there Jema. I don't have your smoker either but I just wanted to say

    Welcome To Your New Addiction.
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    Lord, what Southern Hospitality.  Everyone is awesome!  Thank you so much
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    You're the best thank you muchly.
  8. I have this smoker and like you i was looking for a cover, only to find, if you search for a smoker cover, you wont find anything that goes all the way past the controls, cause it is just to tall.

    However, i did find a cover i think will work, going to order it and will post if it does or doesnt when it gets in.

    I cant speak to its durability or anything but dimensions at least, it should work

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