Help with a brisket and burnt ends

Discussion in 'Beef' started by frosty91, Jun 17, 2015.

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    I'm gonna try my hand at a brisket this weekend for Father's Day! First time doing one, here is the game plan.Trim it up,Rub it and let it chill in the fridge a day and half-2 days prior. Throw it on the smoker at the 225 range, get the meat temp up to 160 and foil it with a little juice/mop sauce, and take the temp up to 190. Pull it off wrap it in towels throw it in cooler. Now my questions are fat side up right? And what are burnt ends and how do you do them? I think I have the idea of them but wanna make sure
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    My humble opinion on fat side....... It depends upon your smoker. Firebreathers use fat down as a safety barrier incase of a flare up. Fire breathers are dry heat normally and you'll be moping or spritzing anyway so you'll not need the fat juice to baste.

    Electrics shouldn't be able to flare up so fat on top for the max self basting ability since your heat is already moist and you'll not be opening the smoker to mop, spritz, or sauce.

    My biggest recommendation is you remember the old adage, "stick a fork in me I think I'm done". Use a toothpick, broomstray, ice pick, etc and when you think its ready check its density. It should feel most like warm butter with its resistance.

    And remember to let it cool before attempting to slice against the grain. First to allow some of the juices to reincorporate and secondly of you try to cut hot well done brisket, its like trying to slice a soup sandwich. BTW the grain will change direction on you. Look at your meat closely while rubbing.

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