Help! Wife is threatening to turn off the electric

Discussion in 'Veggies' started by duckjunkie194, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. She doesnt know that the drippings are the reason her veggie burgers taste so good when they are done in the smoker!!
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    I think just about any vegetarian dish that requires cooking could be cooked in the smoker. If she eats dairy, the possibilities are endless. Any kind of pasta or bean dish that includes cheese would all be good with smoke flavor. Of course wicked beans veggie style, if she eats fish you can't beat salmon. Morningstar makes some of the best veggie meat products, they taste very close to the real thing, especially if you haven't had the real thing in 13 years. Any of them would be good on the smoker. Good luck!
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    Whats a vegetarian???? lol 
  4. now thats just wrong.....

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    Smoked fish stuffed with aromatic fresh herbs and rough chopped vegetables; leave the fish on the table for you and serve the stuffings with rice pilaf and corn on the cob.
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    Trade her in on a bigger smoker, a huge deep freezer and a dehydrator? LOL!!! Seriously though, that wouldn't fly 3 feet with me. There are ways to accomodate for her food preferences, though.

    Smoked potatoes, squash, onions, garlic, baby carrots, carrots/turnips, rutabagas, red/green heads of cabbage, ...there are tons of veggies which you can smoke to aldente' and make a hot smoked veggie side or caseraole of sorts to finish in a covered roaster with a cheese sauce, tomatoe sauce, or both combined is very good as well.

    If she east chili, Bbq beans, etc, you can smoke soaked beans and all the other stuff you'd put into a vegetarian chili/smoked beans dish. I've cold smoke soaked/precooked beans, then made up the green chili into a large baking pan and tossed back into a hot smoker to finish cooking it, and that was stupendously good eating.

    Just a few ideas for you...

    Good luck!

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    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I Have done this one when my girl wanted to be a vegitarian. when she asked how i got her tofu to taste so delectible, i told her, "I am just that good..." being the woman that she is... she didn't believe me and persisted until i finally broke and told her that i put bacon on top... she was pissed as hell at me for a while but then finally realized the error of her ways in trying to say good-bye to meat. i Laughed and told her there was NO WAY IN HECK!!! id stop eating meat. [​IMG]  This doesnt make me a bad guy right???? lol

    I Love smoked meat... what can i say. i'll do anything to keep it too. ANYTHING!!!!!
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    My son is a vegetarian and has been for two decades +.  He will eat fish, e.g. tuna, salmon etc.  If she doesn't eat fish, then the various bean dishes are your best bet. 

    Personally, I don't think that any sort of burger would be all that great on a smoker.  I prefer grill for that class of food.
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    Ahh Dale, ya gotta try smoking a big old stuffed burger for a couple hours (up to about 120˚). Then finish it off on the grill. Best burger you'll ever have.

    Did the Bear ever steer you wrong? [​IMG]

    I have a Vegan Sister, and she loves my Smoked Salmon.

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    Take some zuccini, cut them in 1/2 length wise, and core out the seeds / soft part with a spoon. Should end up looking like a canoe. Rub them in a little EVOO / salt and pepper.

    Sautee up some mushrooms / onions with garlic butter / worschire or use some rice, or basically anything she might eat, and put that in the part you just carved out. Make sure its been cooled before you add it, so you can do this part ahead of time.

    Put that on the smoker for 1 - 1.5 hours until the zuccini is just about soft (or if the filling had meat, the filling hits 165F)

    Now right before its done, and depending on what you fill it with, you could put some cheese on top and let it melt. Also I like to drizzle some reduced balasmic vinegar on top as a sauce.
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    I was wandering around Safeway the other day and ran across some nice looking stuffed Portobello mushrooms in the deli...I bet they'd be tasty with a touch of smoke. :icon_question:
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    Send her to a veggie forum and keep smoking brother!!  P.S. Get her some liquid smoke if she feel's guilty. [​IMG]
  13. bbally

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    Good call... you would not survive being TRAINED by another one.  The first TRAINING is hard enough.

    Here are some veggie ideas assuming she does cheese as well.  The weber work on the grilled platter is a little intense, you have to stay there the whole time and watch all of it while grilling.  So keep the whiskey bottle on the side table by the grill.....





    Anyway a few ideas that might work for you.
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    Whoa...nice layout there!
  15. That looks awesome, but I'll save that idea for the summer.  No way I'm setting next to the Weber when its 20 degrees out, Whiskey or not!
  16. bilder

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    Smoked chocolate chip cookies.
  17. Yummy. I love the pics. Mouth is drooling just looking. I am thinking about doing some veggies and what not in my smoker. any tips or suggestions to what i can do.
  18. I'd like to second the stuffed portabello idea.

    Grab a couple, snap the stems off, and grind 'em up in the food processor, and sautee that with salt, pepper, and thyme until they stop steaming, mix in a handful of diced, roasted bell peppers, and sauteed onion, and once it's cool, mix in some parm and breadcrumbs. Lightly pack them into the musroom caps, coat with more parm, and smoke at 225 for an hour ot two.
  19. Moose's recipe sounds pretty good. Even for us meatatarians.
  20. smokinal

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    We eat portabello's all the time. They have the same texture as meat. I second moose's recipe.

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