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Discussion in 'Pork' started by golfpro2301, Aug 26, 2013.

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    Hey guys. Labor day is approaching and my cook for 5 people just turned into about 12. I thought this would be a good time to try my first whole hog. I am going to do it in my Daniel Boone Pellet Cooker. I believe there is 38IN of clearance inside the cooker. My butcher said that a 20lb with head on would fit. I would like to have the head cut off which they will do so would it be better to go like 30lb. I know this will be a suckling pig. I plan on cooking at 250*. If you guys could answer my questions below I would greatly appreciate it. I do have to order it by tomorrow in order to get it in time.

    How long will it take to cook? same 2 hours per LB? rest time?

    How do I keep loins and ribs from cooking quicker than the hams and the shoulders?

    I heard butterflying the spine makes it better is this true?

    cook with ribs in or cut them out and lay them flat on the inside?

    inject before and during to keep meat moist?

    cover whole pig with foil and just the shoulders and hams during the cooking process?

    Thats all I can think of if you guys think of any more information I may need please let me know.

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    I got a ton of help from this forum for a 100 lb pig I did a week ago Sat. There are some pig cookers in here......

    That being said, there are many ways to do a whole pig......not that any of them are wrong. So this is what "I" did for my 100 lber. The day before I split the back bone so that it would lay flat on its back. I injected everything I thought could use some and then did some more. I then coated everything in dry rub.......covered it in plastic and then foil........and packed it in ice for a little rest. Next day I smoked it for 12 hours at between 260* and 290* to get an IT of 185*. The pig was on its back the whole time letting the hide act as a "bowl" to hold in the moisture. I started with the head close to the F/B (sorry......I'm using an offset 200 gal smoker) and then at about hour five I spun it around so the hams were next to the fire box. At hour eight I started to baste about every

    45 min or so and at hour ten I injected the parts that looked dry once more. At the 12th hour I had people with knives and plates waiting so I pulled it and made them wait for about 30 min to rest. Start cutting and stand back.......

    Hope this was some help.......even though it was 3 times the size. Whole hogs are fun......


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