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  1. Hey guys. Butcher has had me.
    I asked for a few kg of pork ribs to pick up on my way home.
    So all good, picked em up and into the fridge ready for tomorrow's cook.
    Anyway I've just got them out to rub em down and he's given me a mut cut.
    Sorta like the tail end of the rib cage and half belly.
    What the hell do I do here?? It's still got the fat cap which is about 1/2" to 1/4" thick.

  2. Sorry still getting use to tappa again
  3. Im a fat lover ,but thats a little much. I would shave that down to about 1/8 of an inch. Peel the membrane off back and seaso. Dont try to cook that the way it is. Wont turn out.
  4. That's a rack of spares with the "skirt" still attached. Just the way I like them. That's all great meat.

    I wouldn't trim anything but the membrane.


  5. Ok Cheers guys you've somewhat put my mind to ease.
    Ok I was planning on rubbing it down.. I'll take a little fat off and that'll be fine yea. I'll cook it fat up so it melts into the meat.
    Planning on doing the 3-2-1.
    Is this all sounding correct?

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  7. Your spot on. About 1/2 then tapers off to about 1/4.

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  8.  I think we are looking in different places. It does seem to have a rather thick fat layer on the backside of the picture. I would trim that back for sure to maybe 1/8 inch or so for basting. 

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     Not a Mut Cut...A Great Score! Guy's, that is about half a rack of Ribs with a portion of the Belly (Bacon) still on. Not usually seen in the States, unless you know the Butcher and they process whole hogs. The Skirt is the red meat on the side facing up. The Ribs can be separated, carefully cutting above the bones, through the very thin fat layer between the bones and the lean meat of the belly. This leaves the Belly for curing and smoking later on into Streaky Bacon. Or Trim off some of the fat and have the MEATIEST Pork Ribs you can buy. If you choose to just trim, 3-2-1 will not get them done tender enough. You will need to add 30 minutes either to the " 3 " hours time in smoke or to the "2 " hour foil time. Then during the last hour, test for tenderness. Probe should slide in to the meat with no resistance...JJ
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  10. JJ you pretty much nailed it as I've found out.
    Cuts called a St Louis cut..
    I sliced down the base of the ribs and took most the fat off.
    I used the 3-2-1 but was more like 3.5-2.5-1..
    They dam near fell apart when lifting out the cooker.
    The top meat came away from the ribs with easy so it was the best looking meal to the eye but OMFG it was so dam tender and juicy..
    I threw the belly section in the smoker to and did exactly the same.
    We'll use that on some smoked pork pizzas later in the week.
    Anyway I'll be getting it again and next time I'll save the belly and cure it for bacon.

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    Glad you enjoyed them. I would have to special order and pay a premium for that cut...JJ
  12. Cost me $45 aus for 3 kilo, so for you in the USA that's about $55 usd for 6.6 pound..
    that's on the expensive side here in aus anyway. .
    And some pics
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    :drool Looks great!
  14. chef jimmyj

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    That is $8.33 per pound. That's high, probably around $6 per pound here. The finish ribs are really nice and meaty...JJ

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