HELP! We are smoking/roasting a whole 20 pound turkey tomorrow for guests!

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    I saw a thread on here about smoking a 20 pound turkey for two hours and then finishing it in the oven.  We are planning to inject with a mixture we found on the web.  I have a few I really need help!  Can we inject the turkey tonight and then smoke it in the morning?  I found a thread on here about it....but now I can't find it.

     I think it said to smoke it at 250 degrees and but it in a 350 oven to finish it.  Cooking time in the oven was approximately 40 hours and then 30 minutes to rest.  Does that sound right? 

    Any help or suggestions you can give me will be greatly appreciated!
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    Howdee Melody, Please excuse me for being so long winded but I get indepth sometimes.

    First, lets talk what you started with, did your turkey say the word "enhanced"? This means it has seen a pre-brine where solution has been added.

    You can inject a bird till the minute before you start smoking.

    We now only cook with a thermometer using the internal temperature of the meat to say when its done. BUT in the old days, 40 hours at 350 would be about 35+ hours past burnt. Low and slow, that 200 to 220 a 15 pound bird is less than 8 hours. People now only estimate cooking time in hours, to cook a safe piece of meat, you need a thermometer. You can buy them anywhere, Lowes, Home depot, Walmart, Bass Pro, Cabelo's etc... 25 to 40 bucks? Always better to be safe than sick for the holiday.

    Here's an injected turkey I did last year:
  3. melodyjo

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    Thanks for your help!  Wish me luck tomorrow!
  4. melodyjo

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    that 40 hours was a typo!  I meant 4 hours in the oven!  HA...I can screw up anything!
  5. So, how did things turn out? I've done turkey legs a couple times, and they turned out great. I recently even did turkey Wings. I'm looking at smoking a ham and a whole turkey for the holiday season, so I'm interested in how things turned out.

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