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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jrzfly, May 15, 2015.

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    Put a 18 pound turkey in the smoker at 200 degrees. In 2 hrs I'm at 165. Moved the probe 4 times to make sure I was deep in the breast. What happened? The turkey was at room temp before cooked.
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    Wow, that's like, wow. 

    I smoke turkeys that size at 325F+ and my last two took 3.25 hours and 4.25 hours respectively, which just shows they can be finicky.  Lets hope your chamber thermometer was off on the low side.  Even at room temp, which I NEVER do with poultry, or any meat for that matter, 2 hours for a bird of that size to get to 165F IT with a 200F chamber temp is fast. 

    A turkey that size is a HUGE heat sink and can drop chamber temp drastically.  I can only hope that there was a lot more heat in the chamber than what was indicated by the probe.  If your chamber probe was close to or touching your turkey, that can drop the chamber reading significantly.          

    I see the original thread was posted 13 hours ago.  Are you feeling okay?

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    Need more info.

    Smoker type

    Probe type

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    I would check the accuracy of that probe!  That is super fast for a bird that size, even if the chamber temp was much higher.
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    If you are going by the stock therm. on the Smoker , then i's probably way off . I use three different therms. of which I have calibrated the day of the smoke just for safety

    sake.. I even remove my cooker therms. monthly to check them for accuracy.

    This seems a lot of work , but my cooks , well . . .

    Turkey . . .

    my smoker therms.

    Hope your problem is simple .

    Have fun and . .
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