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  1. I bought the lem snack stick kit a while back amd have made 2 batches. I pulled the it of my smoker at at least 152* IT. Both batches were 5lb batches 20% pork fat. Both batches have made my stomach cramp. Not unbearable but more annoying than anything and I cant figure out what the deal is. Any ideas? Anyone else experience this? Could it be the seasoning or cure? Btw I have eaten venison for a major part of my life and have had summer sausage and have never experienced this. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Did you use Cure #1.  Without that, smoking them makes a perfect environment for botulism.
  3. I used whatever pack of cure that what included in the packet

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    Check ingredients.  I use the jerky recipe from Rytek Kutas book but put them in stick form.

    Jerky recipe

    5 lbs venison-ground or 90/10% lean ground beef       

    1 tbsp+2 tsp salt    

    1+2/3 tsp Prague Powder No. 1- aka cure #1

    1+2/3 tsp onion powder

    1+2/3 tsp garlic powder

    1+2/3 tsp ground black pepper

    1/3cup soy sauce

    ½ cup Worcestershire sauce

    1 tsp liquid smoke

    1` tbsp of spicy Cajun seasoning, if you want more heat, that’s what I use.

    Mix and marinate for 2 or 3 days refrigerated.

    Mix at least once a day

     You can also use it for jerky with a jerky shooter.
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    Could be almost anything! Without medical tests for food poisoning everything is just a guess. Don't know how well the deer was cleaned, butchered,and refrigerated. Same for the pork fat, don't know what was ground up. Don't know how clean or cool the work space when you made the sticks, etc. That's why I do all the processing myself, so I know there are no shortcuts taken or less then perfect meat cuts going into my food! Also, you didn't eat the whole 5lbs at once, did you? Sure to give you a tummy ache!
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  7. No I just ate a few sticks and a few ours later it started. I seem to be the only one that has eaten them with this problem. The deer was butchered by me and have butchered quite a few deer, its not the deer bc I have eaten steaks without an issue. I have it down to the seasoning or the fat.

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  8. Is there wheat-gluten, (or flour of any kind), or soy, or corn, in any of that?

    If so, I would believe that's your answer, but perhaps you're talking about "pure meat" with none of it whatsoever - not even a spec of cereal or flour of any kind - and so ignore my sentiments if that's the case. 

    Those culprits wreak havoc with many however - even with dogs/pets - dietarily, and therefore I mention them.

    Cheers and here's to feeling wonderfully and enjoying your food etc..!!! - Leah
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    Have to agree with Boyjko.  Without professional analysis, it could not even be related to the sausage sticks.
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    I too would have to agree with Joe "Boykjo", I doubt it was the cure.

    Also, I know most guys take their sausage to 152*. I always go to at least 160*.

  11. That is true, it may not be the sticks but every time I ate some it happened so all finger point to the sticks. And if its not thw seasoning it has to be the fat bc I have eatin steaks from the same deer on grill and fryer with no problems.

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    Eating whole meat is different. You can introduced bacteria while processing the meat into sticks or have a small piece of contaminated meat and mix it in while grinding.....
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  13. If others have eaten without illness, it most likely is not the fat but something in the seasoning that you are having a reaction to. Which LEM kit did you use? Check the ingredients and you may find you are having an aversion to one of the spices. My wife has just recently (last couple of years) developed an aversion to anything with cinnamon. Actually pretty common to develop allergic reactions as we age to things that never bother us before. I know quite a few people that no longer can consume morel mushrooms (poor bastards) due to this phenomenon. Get yourself some cure #1 or Morton's tender quick and you will be able to spice your sausages to your own personal preferences (better taste and more satisfying process IMO).

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