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  1. For the first time next Saturday I will do two meets - two whole chickens and two ribs. Some advice please!

    I am using an electric H2O. I know that the ribs are six hrs. and the chickens are about four. I also realize that the chickens should be on the bottom. A little help here please. Wood to do both etc...

    Don;t be short with directions please. Forgot - Wife does not want a dry rub for this one. What to do?
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  2. hambone1950

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    Brother , it sounds to me like you got a pretty good handle on the situation. You got your times down and your chicken won't be dripping on the ribs.

    I use a lot of maple cuz it's mild and sweetie hates strong wood smoke , but apple is nice too. Good in ribs AND chicken.
    No dry rub? Ok! Salt and pepper , that's all you need. Definitely lets the taste of the meat shine thru.
  3. davidhef88

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    I mostly use hickory but like some apple now and then.  You could use one wood for the first couple of hours on the ribs then another on the chicken while the ribs are in foil.  I've never tried it, it was just a thought..
  4. Should I brine and for how long and with what something simple for the birds?

    Thank you for the help!
  5. ats32

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    Dry rub it and tell your wife you didn't dry rub it.
  6. she is a chef  so you are not going to fool her.
  7. foamheart

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    LOl.... what kind of trees grow in your area? That's what I would use, not because you can make your own chips but because its the smoke most folks there will recognize. Pork and fowl are both short smokes so I would go with a light wood type vice a hard smoke. I like Pecan, but I have trees here on the property.

    Don't go over board with the chips, more smokes are ruined from too much smoke than from too little. Start with a light hand and grow with that knowledge. The same with the brines rubs and marinades, if you don't recognize plain jane you don't know how the rest will influence it. Your brides a smart cook.

    Try some herbs or veggies in the body cavity. What do you like? Garlic? Onions? Celery? Apples? Oranges? a sprig of Rosemary, or thyme, or parsley, maybe some sage. Heck I tried an apricot chicken and loved it. Use what you know you already like. And Don't get carried away with it. The best foods make a person wonder what that aroma or taste is.

    You have got to use something to encapsulate the ribs and birds, usually its either oil or sugar. If you don't the skin will crack and lose juices, not good. Its why people rub. You can't taste it normally.

    Remember no matter how bad you know you need to open the lid and check the meats, leave it closed. The first three hours there is really no need to open it. Then add the birds and foil the ribs, clean the chip tray and load it again. Close it up, in two hours remove the foil, sauce the ribs if you are planning that way, check the birds, and close it again. No need for smoke this time. With an electric there is no moping, spritzing, or saucing. Its a long explanation and a personal preference but trust me on it. Leave the smoker closed up as much as possible.

    Try the light smoke first, maybe a veggie or fruit and a herb in the cavity. Rub salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and some light brown sugar on the ribs, olive oil on the birds. That's it. You'll be impressed. Don't over smoke it, don't over think it, don't over do it. Its all about relaxing and communing with the smoke Gods.

    I don't have an H2O but I gotta ask, you sure you can get all that in there? BTW there is no thermostat on this type smoker, so you'll have to adjust the temp to meet your needs, althought I see its has a high Watt element which is good.

    Good luck and remember to enjoy the smoke.
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  8. thanks sooooo much! The little lady was here reading along and likes your style. I will try to get Q-view.
  9. foamheart

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    Smoking is like flying a private plane, if you have to be somewhere on time, fly commercial. Especially in the begining don't plan on eatting at straight up 7PM. Think about eatting when its done. You'll be alot happier and you'll gain experience and knowledge. Have some dips and veggies around, chex-mix, rabbit food, smoked sausages are great, any finger food. Something nice to drink helps too.

    A berry berry smart smoking Guru around here says, its all about patience. Same guy suggested while learning to take notes before, during and after. That way you can better understand what you achieved and want to do the next time.

    MAke sure and use a good thermometer to maintain your temps. till you are more experienced with the smoker. My old redi-smok, was high for 30 to 45 mins to get the smoke, then down one notch to cook.

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