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    Hi guys, I'm new here looking forward to all your advice! Right this second I am smoking my first Tri Tip on my new Weber smoky mountain and this is getting confusing! I have two 3# Tri Tips meat temperature in one of them is 126 Degrees.  The smoker Temp is 245 and I've been smoking it for almost an hour. 
    How long should this take?
  2. That's about right.  If I were you, I'd pull off now, take off out the center section, and drop the grill right over the coals to finish it off.  I like a little crust on my tri tips.
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    Do as SethB says
  4. First time smoking trip tip can be a little confusing, especially if you've already done a pork shoulder some other cut that requires a high internal temp.  When tri tip reaches temp, it just looks like a soft, pink lump, not a whole lot different than when it goes on.  It won't have any crust or bark unless you pull it a little early and sear it at the end.  At least in my experience, anyway.
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    Feeling proud right now
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  6. Welcome to SMF, looks like it turned out pretty good to me.

    Gary S

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