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Discussion in 'Beef' started by cheezeerider, May 1, 2010.

  1. This is the firs time using my new ecb electric. My smoker temp is about 215-230 (using two thermometers) and my pastrami point is already at 145 after just 2 hours. Is this ok? Last smoke was on a kettle grill and it took way longer to get to this temp. Thanks for any info.
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    If you are sure your thermometers are accurate then I wouldn't worry too much. Are your thermometers placed roughly at the same rack level as your meat to be sure that where ever the meat is placed that it isn't hotter at that level for some reason?
    I don't have any experience with electric rigs but if it were on my propane or UDS smokers I wouldn't sweat it. What temp are you taking it to before you pull it from the smoker?
  3. I was going to 160 and then foil til 190. Cool than cut tomorrow.
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    If you can wait yes it is cool to slice it tomorrow. Now for your thermo meters you need to test them with the boiling water just make sure that the probe doesn't lay against the sides of the pot or any metal at all. Then you will know where your at. I test mine every month or so it easy and pretty fast too.
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    Was wondering if the temps took longer because you were using the Kettle, which isn't really a smoker, as opposed to actually using a true smoker. You are using two thermo's, I am thinking one is measuring the temp at grill level & one in the strami? If the thermo's are calibrated correctly, then you should be on point, excuse the pun. Just keep your eye on it & post that qview. Good luck.

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